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Utility of digital library
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Utility of Digital Library

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There is more to learning than just finding information. For meaningful learning to take place that information must be structured and sequenced in such a way that a learner can move systematically from basic ideas and skills to more sophisticated ones.

Efficiently manage, reuse and update academic content

Educators are busy and don’t have time to recreate content for every section of a course. In the past, when one version was changed, the same updates had to be made to each document. Within Gspears Learn, however, once learning content is created, it is automatically applied throughout applicable courses. When educators want to update content, it’s done just once and updated throughout their work. Educators and administrators can access and manage digital content relevant to their work while 360-degree views provide insight into content details.

Empower collaboration and sharing

VISIONet content management system (CMS) supports collaborative content development with workflow and versioning capabilities. You’ll harness the collective wisdom of your educators quickly and easily with collaborative curriculum development. And your users will have the ability to route content to others for review, designate settings and automatically archive and track previous versions of their files.

One integrated content management solution for all users

When your content is scattered across disparate systems and hard drives, it´s often hard to find, use and catalog. The Gspears content management application resides on one central, integrated platform. Intuitive and easy to use, our solution makes it easier for users to find, share and reuse learning content. Your staff will save the time formerly spent on managing group and individual access across multiple storage solutions.

Securely manage and share digital content

Without proper storage control, your vital content can be lost or compromised. This is especially troubling when research or curricula need to be shared with multiple constituents. With content management technology from Gspears, you’ll gain the ability to share content without security risks. Permissions and passes enable users to automatically deliver the right content to the right individuals. Gspears eRepository make it easy for your library to securely deliver copyright-cleared content to your students and faculty.

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