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VISIONet Digital Library

VISIONet digital library is a, Virtual Education Creation, eRepository, Management, Delivery, Virtual Classroom, Assessment System and provide Ready made Multimedia Content. It’s a pioneering concept from VISIONet, that sets to revolutionize the reach and impact of learning. The system is structured to expose students to multifarious learning experience and opportunities that challenge and maximize learning potential.

VISIONet Digital Library build bridges between the people and digital information. The objective is to bring together learning communities, from across the campus or around the globe, to provide more universal access to information. That takes integrating people, processes and technology, opening up a gateway for communication and collaboration.

The aim of the VISIONet Digital Library software is to empower users particularly to teacher, author, publisher, universities, libraries and other public service institutions an easy way to prepare dynamic courses and efficiently manage interactions with students, even as course activity grows. Designed for easy to use that all key tasks are only a click away.

VISIONet is a revolutionary eLearning technology platform that is built for diligently meeting the requirements of individuals, enterprises, universities, colleges, schools, corporate and other public and private sector organizations for knowledge creation, manage, delivery, assessment systems, training and skill enhancement. Create and distributing digital Content collections, provides industry-leading authoring tools, real-time collaboration, effective content management system, and robust content delivery and viewing capabilities.

VISIONet Digital Library gives publishers, author and teacher the opportunity to expand their distribution channels and the ability to protect their content in the online digital media market. Whatever you want to do, you can be confident VISIONet Digital Library will give you control of your digital content distribution.

VISIONet Digital Library integrated with “VISIONet Virtual Classroom” for instructors can facilitate collaborative learning, personalize content delivery based on students’ unique needs and positively impact learning outcomes. It also integrated with VISIONet Digital Library “Learning Portal” for tracking of progress and assessment of the student.

VISIONet Digital Library includes a complete set of tools to provide members or author can create, upload, manage, protect, and securely distribute their eBooks, multimedia content, photos and videos to their targeted clients like digital libraries, schools, colleges, corporate, teaching institute and retailers through VISIONet digital Library.

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